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We are the outcome of a successful metamorphosis

In 2019 we combined the experience of OMNIA Relations and Clasy Comunicazione with the potential of the Doc Servizi network, the largest cooperative platform of creative professionals on a national level, with 8,000 members and over 30 offices in Italy.

A world of professional “biodiversity” was born, rich of ideas, because the connection between different yet complementary visions, minds and disciplines allows us to discover new paths at every corner.
For us, “communication” is synonymous with “construction“. The construction of potentially infinite stories.

We are always on the move

Alessandra Iozzia

Press office & Communication Strategy
Hospitality / Food / Lifestyle

Anita Alberti, Sviluppo e controllo team DOCCOM

Anita Alberti

Administration & Development

Camilla Micheletti, Content editor team DOCCOM

Camilla Micheletti

Hospitality / Food / Lifestyle

Chiara Caliceti, Direttore generale team DOCCOM

Chiara Caliceti

General Manager

Claudia Caliceti

Press Office
Turismo / Montagna / Sport

Claudia Cefalo, Ufficio Stampa team DOCCOM

Claudia Cefalo

Press Office
Musica / Spettacolo / Cultura

Claudia Giordani, Segreteria di direzione e Amministrazione team DOCCOM

Claudia Giordani


Elena Tartaglione


Francesca Cardarelli, Ufficio stampa team DOCCOM

Francesca Cardarelli

Press Office

Giulia Berti, Ufficio stampa team DOCCOM

Giulia Berti

Press Office

Giulia Plebani, Eventi e progetti speciali team DOCCOM

Giulia Plebani

Events & Special Projects

Giuseppe Mugnano

Press Office
Design / Corporate / Innovation

Ilaria Tortora, Ufficio stampa International team DOCCOM

Ilaria Tortora

International Press Office

Laura Girolami, Ufficio stampa e social media team DOCCOM

Laura Girolami

Press Office & Social Media Strategy
Hospitality / Food / Lifestyle

Francesca Riccardi

Relationship Marketing Manager

Lucia Portesi, Ufficio stampa, social media e
comunicazione strategica team DOCCOM

Lucia Portesi

Press Office, Social Media Strategy & Communication Strategy
Design / Corporate / Innovation

Martina Strazzari, Ufficio stampa team DOCCOM

Martina Strazzari

Press Office
Tourism / Mountain / Sport

Nicoletta Chinello, PR e marketing relazionale team DOCCOM

Nicoletta Chinello

PR & Relationship Marketing

Paolo Pinto

Press Office
Music / Show business / Culture

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